General Information

The artwork you send must be either camera-ready or in an acceptable digital format.

-- If non-camera ready or improperly formatted digital art is to be used, art charges will be assessed according to the difficulty and amount of time necessary at $35.00 per half- hour. Curved copy will be charged at $12.50  No charge for BPL-167 Email Series Letter Opener or BPL-273 Dice Stress Ball.

Camera Ready
-- Black and white laser printed artwork of 1200 dpi or higher is acceptable.

The Following Artwork is Not Camera Ready
-- Photographs, slides, transparencies, negative stats or films that need to be reversed to positive, halftone art that needs to be resized, low resolution laser printed artwork of less than 1200 dpi (we recommend sending black and white 1200 dpi laser prints at 200% larger than actual size), photocopies, faxed art, letterhead, business cards, Web images or any other art that needs to be touched-up, color separated, or multi-color art to be made one-color or otherwise improved. Stats, PMTs or computer scans of the above are not considered camera ready.

Digital Art Requirements:

Macintosh (MAC) Format is preferred. PC format is acceptable if created properly.

We can not accept art files from the following Mac or PC platforms: BMP, Photoshop EPS, JPG, GIF, PICT, or TIFF. Do not attempt to save these files in an acceptable format. We cannot guarantee files sent from PC platforms (BMP, DOC, GIF, PICT, PPT) or any other than our preferred file formats or acceptable software will be usable. PC files such as DOC, EXE, PCX, PPT, P65, or XLS are not acceptable. These file formats are generally low resolution-- only suitable for viewing on-screen-- not for printing and cannot be appropriately modified. To avoid art charges, send only original, native vector, EPS files.

Acceptable Software in either Mac or PC Formats
-- Art files must be created in Adobe Illustrator 9.0, Macromedia Freehand 9.0, CorelDraw or lesser versions. All CorelDraw (CDR) files Must Be saved as an AI file EPS (Adobe Illustrator, EPS, Curves.) All files must be saved as EPS and all text converted to outline. EPS format files provide superior reproduction quality allowing images to be resized with no loss of sharpness or detail.

Artwork with Text
-- We recommend that all text be converted to outline when possible. If not, all fonts, font suitcases, printer fonts and screen fonts must be included with art and files that contain curved copy. PC versions of the above software must have text converted to outline since our systems are Mac-based and cannot use PC fonts.

Spot Color File Format (one, two, or three colors, not four-color process)
-- Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand Workable EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files with text converted to outline are preferred. A laser print of art marked with PMS color numbers should be included. Photoshop PSD, RGB or CMYK files in any file format for spot color orders are not acceptable.

Four-Color Process File Formats
--JPEG, TIFF and Photoshop EPS files are ONLY acceptable for CMYK (Four-Color Process). Also acceptable are Quark Xpress and Photoshop files for four-color process only. All support files (graphics, placed images and fonts) must be included when placed in page layout programs. These files can not be used for Spot Color orders.

Four-Color Process Info for Krazy Cube, Promo Prism, Wild Wheel, 2-in-1 Cube, Rubik's Custom Cube (BPL-4275, BPL-4222, BPL-4695, BPL-4285, BPL-4280, BPL-4690)
-- Film specs: send one set of 4-color process film, follow our template exactly. Electronic template available upon request. CMYK positive film, right reading, emulsion down, screen value 175 lpi, 350 dpi. Color proof must be included. Artwork must include patent details.
-- Rodin can output film for an additional $500 (G). File must be saved in one of the following formats: Mac format only: Adobe Illustrator 8.0, Macromedia Freehand 8.0, Photoshop 5.0 or lesser versions. Be sure to include all support files, scans, graphics, and fonts or convert fonts to outline. Patent details must be included in artwork. If it not included in files, Prime will add it to the black plate.
-- Media accepted: zip 100, CD ROM preferred. Also accepted: SyQuest 88 or 135, Magneto Optical 128, 230 or 640.
-- Patent details: Krazy Cube BPL-4275/4222: PATENT NO.: 97 218 6816 must appear in panel #3, bottom of the cube, lower left corner; 2-in-1 Custom Combo Cube BPL-4285: USA PATENT NO.: DES. 412,541 must appear in pane. #3 on the bottom of the cube, lower left corner; Wild Wheel Puzzle BPL-4280: PATENT NO.: PQ0585 must appear on the bottom of panel #2C; Promo Prism BPL-4695: PATENT NO.: AU98/00634 must appear on the bottom of panel #2C.

If you send us film separations for 4-color process art (for items other than Cubes above)
–-100% actual size, right reading, positive films, emulsion up, 65 – 85 line screen, 600 dpi (dots per inch). Screen angles: cyan at 15 degrees; magenta at 75 degrees; yellow at 0 degrees; black at 45 degrees. A color laser print should be included.

Send us the artwork
- Send art via e-mail or on disk.
- On Disk: Acceptable media includes Macintosh formatted diskette, zip 100 or 200 or CD-ROM.
- You may compress files to reduce sending time or to fit on a disk. Acceptable Mac compression files include SIT or SEA (StuffIt) or HQX (BinHex). PC files can be compressed with WinZip.